Guest appearance with black sand from the beach, thanks to Mt. Taranaki's volcanic activity
At one of the black sand beaches around volcanic Mt. Taranaki, in the North Island of New Zealand, January 2013.

Hi there, and thanks for visiting!

We are A & N, Israelis / New Yorkers and currently world travelers (A is a bit shy, hence the initials). In December 2012 we left freezing New York for a round the world trip that took us first to Israel, then to Hong Kong, and now we are in New Zealand till late April 2013. Next stops are Thailand and the Philippines, coming back to the US in late May.

We’d love to hear from you – whether you are a friend or a relative (we miss you!) or someone who just stumbled upon this blog. You can subscribe to receive email updates on new posts, leave us a comment or .

Why is this site called NewZealandAnd?

  • Because our trip takes place mostly in New Zealand, and in a bunch of other places
  • Because it’s kind of an acronym – New Zealand, A & N (our initials)
  • Because newzealand.com was surprisingly taken

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